Monday, July 12, 2010

high fashion online? how common.

marc jacobs has broken down. according to the ny times, high-fashion businesses are stepping gently into the internet pool.

i have to admit, even when down to my last dollar, i am a luxury consumer.

if i can't afford it - and i can't find a cool target/h&m/uniqlo/topshop collaboration that requires a lot of hunting to obtain - then i'd rather go without.

sometimes, especially at the last minute or while in remote locations, i absolutely have to have a deck of tarot cards thus they must be made by prada or hermes and i am forced to buy them on ebay.

oh, and i live too near canal street to have more than disdain for fakes.

what's an addict to do?

when i was in miami this spring, i fell madly in love with a cavalli dress from the current collection, but was wise and didn't fall prey to an impulse purchase. however, when i come back to nyc, it seems i can't live without it and i cannot find it anywhere but the saks website. and it's sold out in my size. ebay?

oh, if only cavalli sold his collection online.

but gasp, yes, roberto cavalli has a link on his site to yoox - and i am rescued!

let's face it, luxury brands, i am shopping online.

it's true, nothing beats the scent of the store, the music, the feel of the fabric in your hand, checking the fit and shape in the flattering light of the dressing room, the gleam of the chrome, the heart-pumping moment when the saleswoman hands you the shiny shopping bag.

but in a pinch, i'll shop online - and, if i am, so is everyone else.

i might be pressed for time, have second thoughts, or be too far away from the boutique.

high-end retailers take note, i HAVE seen some really sexy home pages, especially on my glossy screen powerbook. if you don't believe the online experience can make you rabid with desire, check out glossy internet magazines like nowness and drool over the glistening images of untouchable objects.

i suppose, at some time, shopkeepers might have refused to make catalogues, the idea being that a mere photograph couldn't possibly capture the soul of a beautiful object. but that was before irving penn made toothbrushes divine, before hiro made make-up delicious and raymond meier made prada shoes lickable.

the experience might not be same but the end result is - the click of my credit card and the shiny package in my hands.

i suppose i'm just common.

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