Monday, October 5, 2009

let me in!

been thinking about high-end luxury brands especially after reading that jimmy choo is going to come out with a total lifestyle brand.

and wondering (like pam danziger's astute readings) whether it is really necessary.

we are all - even shopping addicts like myself - shopping differently. we think twice, even on impulse purchases. every penny saved is really a penny saved. i find myself only parting with cash when i feel something is absolutely necessary, even when i can afford it.

or one-time only rare and remarkable. i am drawn to temporary pop-up shops, to ethereal and immediate collaborations between low and high - vera wang for kohl's, norma kamali for wal-mart, alexander wang for gap, mcqueen for target and christopher kane for topshop... years ago, i stood in line in the pouring rain for HOURS to get the anya hindmarch bags for wholefoods - i would still do that today.

there is the thrill of the chase, the idea that something is only available for a minute, the sense that i am clever for recognizing a historical event and becoming a part of it.

but there is the other thing - something that was previously out of my reach - either economically or psychology, just offered me a step up.

suddenly, as a brand, it is no longer cold, it is both re-invigorated, fresh and friendly.

as a consumer, i felt i had a personal invitation to come inside.

when an otherwise unapproachable luxury house like gucci, prada, louis vuitton or chanel creates an affordable and totally surprising collaboration, we'll feel like the door is open.

now they are speaking to ME.

and next time i have a bit more money to invest - i'll walk through the heavy glass doors into the icy showroom and feel the heat of desire because the brand has turned its perfect gaze to us...

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